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With sitting balls, beer-filled fridges, ping pong tables and well-being managers entering our offices, the notion of “workplace” has shifted monumentally during the past decades. The office no longer is portrayed by grey open-plan landscapes, it is decorated to feel like home, to be comfortable, in order to keep the worker in as long as possible. It is not called “office” anymore but “workspace”.¹ With the emergence of COVID-19 late last year, this tendency got boosted with unforeseen rapidity: work sprawled out of our computers into our homes. The home, as yet seen as a one’s individual place of shelter and refuge, has transformed into a heterogenous “in-between-space” — fusing work with leisure, business with private. Although working remotely inherits a certain privilege in times like these, it also brought massive changes to our personal environments. These blurred lines, require for a redefinition of our understanding of professionalism and rise questions around its origin. What is the new standard for professionalism if it doesn’t manifest itself in the self-contained workspace anymore? The change of location is key for leaving the private self at home and getting into character of the “full blood professional”. Without this transition time, the boundaries between private and professional self are fluid and undistinguishable. Lockdown Commute addresses this lack of spacial shift and provides a method to reassert the sacredness of professionalism within the home office.The performative nature aims to comment on today's tendency towards solutionhalism and liberates its user from self imposed and briefed notions of professionalism.